About Field Of Dreams Farm

SliderPeter & GregFounded in 2010, Field of Dreams Farm is a cooperative made up of local producers committed to growing the best local produce. Farmer Greg and his farm partners use an all natural growing method for all plants and  organic fertilizers to grow the healthiest vegetables.

Farmer Greg is on a mission to bring fresh, locally grown food to the community while developing programs, which provide kids with the skills that are essential for building a foundation to grow and live a healthy life.

In addition to SAMM and partnering with local schools, Farmer Greg works with local businesses and hospitals to implement wellness programs and gardens to grow their own food. This skill-based learning is essential for Creating Food for the Future.

Contact Farmer Greg to implement any of the following programs:

  • Host a Mobile Market
  • Farm to School Programs
  • Local Sourcing & Food Orders
  • Wellness Programs
  • C.H.E.F. Camp
  • Garden Installations