Bringing the Farmer’s Market to Your Neighborhood, Faster & Fresher

S.A.M.M. is a mini Farmer’s Market (Sprout About Mobile Market) representing at least 10 local farms at each market. We deliver our products to your neighborhood within 48 hours of harvest, bringing the first of the season to you faster and fresher.

Next Markets will be:

When: Closed Sunday and Monday

When:  Tuesdays & Saturdays
Location: Southern States, 1200 Alverser Driver, Midlothian
Time: 11am-4pm

When: Every other Wednesday
Location: Corporate Market Only ( CLOSED TO PUBLIC)
Time: 11am-3pm

When:  Thursdays
Location: Southern States, 6606 W. Broad Street, Richmond
Time: 10am-2pm (ALL YEAR ROUND)

When:  Fridays
Location: HCA-VA Chippenham inside hospital (OUTSIDE CAFETERIA)
Time: 11am-4:30pm (ALL YEAR ROUND)



HCA Chippenham

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Southern States Midlothian

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Southern States W Broad